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I hope everyone is having a good week and if you’re up in the north, I hope you’re surviving this heat wave. I personally don’t like the heat at all. Like anything above 70 degrees is just way too hot for me. Ugh. I honestly think I am part polar bear because I need it […]

Let me start off by saying that I have a child who does not love to lick any beaters, spoons, bowls, or the like while we are baking. Combine that with the fact he doesn’t like cake or tacos and I am pretty sure that he isn’t mine. Never mind that he has my nose […]

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Even though the weekend was quite busy and filled with everything from clothes shopping, to cleaning the house, to gardening, to laundry, and a million little things in between, I managed to also do our 2nd installment of Once Upon a Disney Dinner. Our featured movie was The Little Mermaid; which happens to be my […]

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Yikes! How did it all of a sudden become 10:30pm and I’m just now opening my WordPress App on my phone to type out a post. Most times I have my posts ready to go a day or two early (depending on the topic) but that’s not been the case for the last couple weeks. […]

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I will be the first to admit that math has never been my strong suite. I remember Michael having to help me (and pretty much doing) my college algebra for me during my senior year college. I got a C and it was my lowest grade during my entire college career but I passed and […]

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I made my return to blogging debut back in March and I touched upon this for my 1st Tasty Tuesday post… I really didn’t have any visitors (which I still don’t have a lot – so thank you to those that do come by! I really appreciate it!) so most wouldn’t know this. Anyway… My […]

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When I sat down to write this post it was supposed to be about my favorite television shows and honestly, it could have been the longest post to date – not because I have a lot of them but because I have pictures and stories to go with each show. If you all haven’t guessed […]

You didn’t think that I forgot that I hadn’t posted the last and final strawberry recipe that I made with my 5 lbs of strawberries did you? Nah… I just figured everyone might be sick of strawberry recipes and I switched things up for a little bit. These cookies were addicting and oh-so-yummy! They were […]

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I hope you all have had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! We always spend this weekend outside; gardening and getting everything ready for another fabulous growing season. Saturday was a bust (as I mentioned yesterday) but Sunday was fabulous. (If you don’t count the sunburn I received.) We got all my new plants in the ground, […]

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Am I the only one that plans their day out and then have it fall all to pieces? I don’t always plan my weekends but I have a to-do list a mile long and it involved mostly outdoor stuff. I was going kick some butt and power through it. What I didn’t count on however, […]

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