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Yikes! How did it all of a sudden become 10:30pm and I’m just now opening my WordPress App on my phone to type out a post. Most times I have my posts ready to go a day or two early (depending on the topic) but that’s not been the case for the last couple weeks. […]

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I will be the first to admit that math has never been my strong suite. I remember Michael having to help me (and pretty much doing) my college algebra for me during my senior year college. I got a C and it was my lowest grade during my entire college career but I passed and […]

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I made my return to blogging debut back in March and I touched upon this for my 1st Tasty Tuesday post… I really didn’t have any visitors (which I still don’t have a lot – so thank you to those that do come by! I really appreciate it!) so most wouldn’t know this. Anyway… My […]

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When I sat down to write this post it was supposed to be about my favorite television shows and honestly, it could have been the longest post to date – not because I have a lot of them but because I have pictures and stories to go with each show. If you all haven’t guessed […]

You didn’t think that I forgot that I hadn’t posted the last and final strawberry recipe that I made with my 5 lbs of strawberries did you? Nah… I just figured everyone might be sick of strawberry recipes and I switched things up for a little bit. These cookies were addicting and oh-so-yummy! They were […]

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I hope you all have had a wonderful Memorial Weekend! We always spend this weekend outside; gardening and getting everything ready for another fabulous growing season. Saturday was a bust (as I mentioned yesterday) but Sunday was fabulous. (If you don’t count the sunburn I received.) We got all my new plants in the ground, […]

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Am I the only one that plans their day out and then have it fall all to pieces? I don’t always plan my weekends but I have a to-do list a mile long and it involved mostly outdoor stuff. I was going kick some butt and power through it. What I didn’t count on however, […]

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For the last 16 years our friends from across the US (including Alaska!) and from overseas (Denmark) have come together for what we call, The Gathering. These people are more family than friends and it really should just be called a Family Reunion. We have watched each other’s kids grow up, supported each other during […]

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week and you enjoy the weekend. It’s been a busy week for me as I am adjusting to working full time in the office again (after 9 months of hybrid home and office). So today’s Friday Five is going to be a quick post […]

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It’s no secret (I think) that I enjoy photography and taking a lot of pictures. I use my Canon 80D almost every single day and I absolutely love the camera on my iPhone 12 Pro Max! I think on average I take about 10,000 photos year with my “big camera” and thousands more with my […]

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