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This is the start of a new series here at The Corner Blog @ Magic + Main where I give you some tips and tricks about baking. I don’t claim to know it all but I have been baking for many years and have learned a thing or two. (and I know a thing or […]

Let me start off by saying that I have a child who does not love to lick any beaters, spoons, bowls, or the like while we are baking. Combine that with the fact he doesn’t like cake or tacos and I am pretty sure that he isn’t mine. Never mind that he has my nose […]

You didn’t think that I forgot that I hadn’t posted the last and final strawberry recipe that I made with my 5 lbs of strawberries did you? Nah… I just figured everyone might be sick of strawberry recipes and I switched things up for a little bit. These cookies were addicting and oh-so-yummy! They were […]

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the entire day (and the only meal that I hate cooking. I just want to eat it; not cook it!). However, my morning time is super limited when I’m not working at home and since Shawn just started back to full time in-person learning, I’m back in the office […]

Yesterday I shared our “Once Upon a Disney Dinner” that featured Lady & the Tramp as our inspiration. If you missed that post, please click HERE. Since we had an Italian themed meal to go along with our family movie, I whipped up some Cannoli Cones. Now I know that these aren’t the “real deal” […]

If strawberries aren’t your favorite fruit, it will be soon. Here’s another installment to the whole “Jules had 5 lbs of strawberries and then made all the things!” Lol Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food and I could probably eat them every single day if I could get Michael to make them for me. See… […]

You are correct and no you don’t need to check your phone to see what day of the week it is. It IS indeed Monday and I am posting my Tasty Tuesday post a day early. No I have not lost my mind or trying to make the week fly by faster. I just have […]

I can’t keep blueberries in my house for longer than a couple hours because Shawn gobbles them up on me in no time. I love that this kid loves fruit but he can devour a container of blueberries in seconds. So when I decided to make something with them, I need to act fast! Ha! […]

There is just something about the fresh flavor of lemon that makes me long for summer (and I don’t even care for summer really). It’s just so fresh and light and I think the quintessential flavor of the season. Michael asked me if I could bake a cake for a work-friend because she just celebrated […]

I think in the entire history of television, I Love Lucy is by far my most favorite show. I grew up watching the reruns and I remember begging my Grandpa to relinquish control of the television when it was on (apparently he didn’t care for it and always told me no. *pout*). We live only […]

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