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Friday Five #3 | My Favorite Songs

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week and you enjoy the weekend. It’s been a busy week for me as I am adjusting to working full time in the office again (after 9 months of hybrid home and office). So today’s Friday Five is going to be a quick post about my Top 5 Favorite Songs.

Music plays an important role in my life and I relate so many songs to special moments in my life but also painful ones as well. I touched upon this earlier in the week with my Memory Keeping post. Each one of these songs has a reason for being on this list.

  1. God Only Knows by the Beach Boys: This song is my all-time favorite song in the world. It just really speaks to me and encompasses everything about me and how I feel about those I love.
  2. Here, There, and Everywhere by the Beatles: A few years ago I learned that it was inspired by God Only Knows by the Beach Boys and it made complete sense on why I am drawn to it. I think it sums up everything about my relationship with Michael and I will never tire of hearing it.
  3. Baby Mine by Alison Krauss: Better known as the song from Disney’s Dumbo. I briefly mentioned at the beginning of the week about my fertility struggles and when I was extremely lucky to be pregnant with Shawn, I would sing this song to him in my belly. After he was born I would rock and sing him to sleep.
  4. You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney: This was Michael and I’s wedding song and I don’t think it needs much more of an explanation. We have been together and a couple from our first date and honestly only a couple weeks into knowing each other. There truly is no other song that fit us like this one.
  5. I Saw God Today by George Strait: Back to my fertility struggles and a song that was telling me that it was all going to be ok and is in God’s hands.\

The scrapbook page that was inspired by I Saw God Today

So what’s your favorite song(s)? Do you have a reason for it being your favorite? Let me know because I am always interested in hearing about other people’s favorites songs.

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Linda says:

    There is one song that no matter how much I try, I can not get through, Amazing Grace. I shall leave you to ponder on that on why…((grin))

    On another note, I am a rock n roll girl, now, I love George Strait, but I do love rock n roll. My favorite all time song is Sweet Home Alabama, since our son was born in Alabama and when ever we hear it, it gets turned up. That is his theme song, LOL.

    Hope you have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, smiles

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