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Looking Through My Phone

It’s no secret (I think) that I enjoy photography and taking a lot of pictures. I use my Canon 80D almost every single day and I absolutely love the camera on my iPhone 12 Pro Max! I think on average I take about 10,000 photos year with my “big camera” and thousands more with my phone. I share a lot on here and on Facebook but there is till so many that I don’t share. I thought it would be fun to just do a bit of a “photo dump” of some random pictures from my phone within the last month or so.

This is our newest addition to our fish tank. His name is Michigan J. Frog, aka the WB Dancing Frog because he was jumping all over the tank in the pet store. We don’t see him often in the tank but he does come out occasionally.

Merida is such a goofy dog! You’ll be in the middle of playing and she will lay down and use all her weight to prevent you from pulling on the toy and winning the tug o’ war. Goofball!

We were driving somewhere one day (well I was driving) and Michael saw a “hidden Mickey” in the road and we turned around and went back through so he could get me a picture. I’m sure the people behind us weren’t thrilled at me driving slower but it was worth it. Ha!

This drink is from Red Robin and it tastes just like Mickey’s Bee Bop Drink that you can get 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. It’s got cherry cream soda, sprite and whipped cream. So good!

I had to have this pot when I saw it and thanks to my mom for the starter spider plant to go in there. It’s perfect with all my other plants above the sink.

We love to get out and walk around the neighborhood. Merida of course never complains about the extra exercise. However, I really wish that she would get tired out. She’s so hyper.

My rhododendrons are in bloom right now and are absolutely gorgeous! I just wish that they lasted longer because I love their color.

Here’s Shawn during his waiting period after getting his first vaccine shot. He’s had a couple days of side effects but it hasn’t been extremely bad. His seasonal allergies are making it worse than it needs to be right now.

Michael and Merida seeing who’s going to win the battle of going around the tree. If I remember correctly, Merida won. Ha!

Shawn and I while we were baking cookies together. Not the greatest of pictures but I do make a point to get in front of the camera too.

Waiting in the car while Michael got his hair cut. Merida saw another man come out wearing the same color shirt and flipped out when he didn’t get in our car but got into his own. She thought it was her daddy and panicked the whole time until he finally came back out.

I have a strange obsession with taking pictures of fungus and have tons of pictures of it from hikes and other walks. Michael sent me coordinates to the most interesting fungus I have seen to date. So one evening when Shawn was at taekwondo, we took a drive so I could take my own picture. It looks like a whale’s tail or even a mermaid’s tail.

Just Michael, Merida and I took a walk on Sunday evening. It was nice – not hot and not cold. We walked along the Erie Canal and listened to all the geese honk at each other.

And I will leave you all with this. Merida is obsessed with wood and she found a log on one of our walks and needed to bring it home with her. There was no way she was leaving it behind and she had to set it down a few times but she made it home.

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Mari says:

    I enjoyed them all. That fungus is very cool!

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The Corner Blog
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