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My #1 Favorite TV Show

I made my return to blogging debut back in March and I touched upon this for my 1st Tasty Tuesday post… I really didn’t have any visitors (which I still don’t have a lot – so thank you to those that do come by! I really appreciate it!) so most wouldn’t know this. Anyway…

My all time favorite TV show is none other than, I Love Lucy. It’s a show that I have grown up watching and I have seen every episode so many times that I have lost count.

I got this boxed set from Michael about 2 years before Shawn was born and as I was working away in my craft room I would watch episode after episode. By the time he was born I think I had watched them all at least 3 times and it never got old.

And since everyone asks… my Favorite episode is the one where they’re driving to California and my second favorite is when Lucy and Ethel have all the baby chicks when they live in the country house.

I am extremely lucky to only live 1 1/2 hours away from Jamestown, NY – better known as the birthplace of Lucille Ball. In this small little town there are not one but TWO museums dedicated to Lucy and Desi. The first one is about them and the second is the playhouse and it has replicas of the sets.

Normally, they don’t allow photography inside but we happened to go one time and they were allowing it! I was thrilled! I am a museum enthusiast and when you combine that with my love of Lucille Ball, it means that we come to this museum once (sometimes twice) a year and spend HOURS there.

So who is “we”? Well my very good friend. My Ethel to my Lucy. My fellow Lucy fan… Eloise. The two of us are some of the biggest Lucy fans out there and we are always looking for the next thing to do together.

We have been to the museum so many times that they told us we should just get a membership (and we really should!) It seems like no matter how many times we go, we notice different things and yet I don’t think the museum really changes. Lol

One of the greatest things is seeing the sets in color. It’s not something that you get to see (obviously) when you watch the show. So it’s almost unreal.

Eloise and I have been to Jamestown to celebrate Lucille Ball’s birthday in August for “Lucy Fest” and we went on a bus tour, saw a live dinner theater with Lucy and Ethel impersonators, explored where she grew up, visited the cemetery, and so many other amazing things.

Back in 2014 we were able to attend one of the neatest live performances that I have ever been able to attend! I Love Lucy, Live on Stage was essentially a live taping of the show and we were part of the live audience. It truly was a remarkable show and you actually forget that it’s all scripted. They even “forgot” their lines and made goofs.

In 2019, Eloise and I went to a neat event at the theater where we got watch some colored episodes of the show, followed by live interviews and other neat things to go along with it. I joke that we were the youngest ones there but we didn’t care. Lol

Last year during lockdown, Eloise and I set up a virtual I Love Lucy marathon. We both picked out 3 of our favorite episodes, made snacks and drinks and settled in to watch them “together”. We would text each other comments and laughs and just enjoyed our time together – but still safely distanced. It brought some joy into both our lives during such a hard time.

I Love Lucy is just one of those shows for me that I can’t help but love and it will cheer me up no matter what’s going on. Michael tells me all the time that I get these crazy ideas and schemes just like Lucy and whenever Eloise and I are together, you can guarantee that we will get into some sort of trouble.

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Linda says:

    I Love Lucy too! My favorite is Lucy and Ethel working in the candy factory, gosh I laugh so hard I cry, giggling. Thank you for sharing, Jules.

  2. Mari says:

    Yes! I Love Lucy too. It’s such a classic and every episode made me laugh.
    It really is interesting to see the sets in color.
    It’s great that you have a partner in crime to enjoy this together.

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