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Friday Five #2 | These Recently Made Me Smile

It’s hard to believe that it’s Friday already and I feel like a broken record but I am looking forward to the weekend. Our weekends are usually jam packed with stuff to get done and this one is no different. Michael needs to work tomorrow, so it will be just Shawn and I. So lets get right to it…

There are 5 things that recently have made me smile..

(Picture above) Merida graduated from Puppy School! She looks excited, doesn’t she? Ha! I think this was more of a “you owe me something special for dinner” look but I still love it! We have never had to take a dog to puppy school before but the stubbornness is strong with this one and we were running out of options.

This is Merida with her BFF in class. His name is Magnum and these two just adored each other! They would play, wrestle, kiss, and share treats and it was just the sweetest thing ever! She was always so excited for school every Monday.

I was driving home after my monthly massage appointment and I saw this Elephant in the back of a truck. Luckily, we were coming to a stop so I could snap a quick pic of it. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap (nor easy to maintain) but I really want one in my yard! Do you think Michael would mind? lol

On Sunday I spent some time crafting and this is the beginning of a bridge for one of my fairy gardens. It’s painted now and I will be putting some railings and other cute things on there. I will show a picture when it’s done. Thank you to Michael for helping me out with it because my original way of constructing it was frustrating me and I was about to give up. He’s just the best!

Steaks for Michael and Shawn and fresh asparagus for me. (I don’t like steak). It was sooooo good and I pretty much ate every one of them because it’s one of the few veggies that Shawn doesn’t like and Michael only got one of the stalks because I took the rest. Haha! Ya snooze, ya lose around here.

My lunch is always a salad and while sometimes it gets a little mundane, I actually look forward to eating it and I am always disappointed when it’s gone. It’s nothing special and I will add in different things occasionally. Baby spinach, baby carrots (I like the crunch vs. shredded carrots), chick peas, tomatoes, cheese, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, black olives and a light drizzle of Olive Garden Italian dressing.

Well there are my 5 things that made me smile recently. Also, good news! They just approved Shawn’s grade and on up to high school to return to in-person school, so he starts that on Monday. I know it will only be for 3-ish weeks but he truly needs it. I am looking forward to returning full time to office (give it time before I’m whining saying I wish I was back at home. lol)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Mari Bruins says:

    That elephant is cute! What a surprise to see as you are driving. Cute puppies too.
    ANd hooray to going back to school!

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