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And Revenge of the Fifth…

Star Wars is HUGE in our house and we will use any excuse (not that we truly need one) to watch the movies, bake all the treats, and buy every Star Wars Build-a-Bear that exists. Shawn has a Star Wars quilt on his bed, we still have (not in use mind you) the original curtains Michael had in his childhood bedroom, there’s a Lego Super Star Destroyer sitting atop Michael’s dresser, we have working light sabres… you get the point. We love Star Wars.

We also somewhere came across a Star Wars cookbook (are you really surprised?) and it’s honestly sitting there for a couple of years and I finally decided to make something from it. With yesterday being Star Wars Day and today being yet another one, I thought I would break up these posts. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post about Shawn’s Magical Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, check it out! It was definitely any 10 year old Star Wars fan’s dream come true!

There’s a recipe in there for “Wookie Cookies” and seeing as Chewbacca is one of our favorite Star Wars characters (and honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?), we decided to make them.

In sticking to my current meal plan, I didn’t really eat one (I tasted the batter and had a couple chips… I’m not perfect!) but Michael said that they were good. He took some into work and they went quickly from what I was told. I am sure they tasted just like other chocolate chip cookie but it’s more fun when they’re named after one of the characters of a favorite movie series.

Shawn and I used to bake every single weekend from the time he was 2 years old up until he was about 6-7 years old. (Hence the diet and workout plan now – haha!). As he’s aged, combined with me realizing that once I start baking, it means I eat a lot more, we don’t do it together really any more. So I told him he didn’t have a choice and it wouldn’t kill him to bake with his mom.

So Shawn put on his (can you guess it?) Star Wars apron and began reading the recipe. He claims he doesn’t really enjoy baking anymore but I think deep down he enjoys it. Or at least the spending time with me part anyway. Which I will never complain about!

He did a fairly good job and only really complained about having to crack the eggs. I will take that any day of the week.

We had a really fun time together and it took us about an hour from start to finish. We laughed a lot and just enjoyed each other’s company. Michael was busy, so I don’t have any pictures of us together (which makes me sad) but at least we have the memories of doing it.

So tell me, do you like to make meals/desserts base don your favorite movies and shows? We do it all the time and it brings the movie magic to life – even if they are “only” a silly named version of a food you already make!

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Annie says:

    Yes, I remember you Jules! Glad to see you posting once again. 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Jules, those cookies look great! My grand daughter is here making cookies. I am glad you could make memories with Shawn. I never new there was a Star Wars Cookbook I do have a Mickey Cookbook somewhere.. Time to go check on the baker girl.

  3. Mari says:

    Hi Jules! Thanks for stopping at my blog. In reading about you, I think we have a lot in common. I love photography too and my husband loves flower gardening, which gives me something beautiful to photograph.. I also love baking.
    We’ve been married almost 40 years and our first date was to a Star Wars movie. He’s a big fan – I’m just ok with them. 🙂
    I love that you made cookies with your son – and they look so yummy!

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