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May the 4th Be With You

We went to Walt Disney World for a week in 2019 and missed the opening of Galaxies Edge by about 6 months but we still ended up having an amazing Star Wars experience in Hollywood Studios regardless!

I am going to tell this story mostly in pictures (with some captions) because there really is no other way…. (be prepared for picture overload).

Disney’s Hollywood Studios gets taken over and Shawn was chosen to help guard the Rebel Launch Bay. Using nothing but a light saber and the force that only a 10 year old would have, he defends all that is good and light.

The Imperial March begins playing throughout the park. We are being infiltrated by Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and tons of Storm Troopers. They all come marching through and head to the center of the park where they put on a show for everyone.

Shawn is ready and definitely serious about guarding the base and no one was going to get through! The Force is Strong with this one.

After their show, they all start heading right for the base. The plan is for them to take it over. Little did they know that Shawn was waiting for them.

The music is playing again and they’re all marching right towards the base and to Shawn.

and he was ready for them…. Because of the force, they all start turning away from him.

Darth Vader wasn’t happy and threatened him.

But he continued on his way…

They all keep coming but Shawn stands his ground and doesn’t let any of them into the Launch Bay.

They all give Shawn an evil look as they are forced in another direction.

Some are really determined to get in…

But NO! Shawn using his force and sends him on his way!

Oh no! Will Kylo Ren be able to beat Shawn?

Shawn is too strong for him and Kylo Ren has some strong words for him.

Finally!! The Rebel Alliance has arrived! All is well and protected at the Launch Bay. Thank you for your service Shawn. The Rebel Alliance thanks you for your hard work.

This was one of the BEST experiences that we could have hoped for at Walt Disney World. We all love Star Wars so much in our household and even though it was completely Shawn’s Magical Moment that day, we all enjoyed it. Also, thank you to the Cast Member that captured 99% of it for us because he did such a wonderful job!

Not long after Shawn had guarded the Launch bay we had the umm… pleasure of meeting Kylo Ren and he definitely remembered Shawn and made some comments about it. Shawn however, wasn’t phased. I truly believe that The Force IS Indeed Strong with this kid!

I have SO many other great Star Wars pictures from this trip but I will share them at another time.

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Wynne says:

    Fabulous post, Jules! Oh, I loved all the pics. That would have been amazing to see in person. I’m a Star Wars fan, too! May the 4th be With You! 🙂 xxoo

  2. Susan says:

    How exciting for Shawn! We got to go to Galaxy Edge in the fall if 2019. It was me with my two older grands. Our park just opened up last Friday. We hope to go in the fall. I need to find our pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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