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A Walk in the Park

Today has been one of those days where you just can’t stay inside because the weather was absolutely perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and not too warm. It was just right. We started off our day by going to a small craft show and to do some light grocery shopping and ended it with a walk through Delaware Park in downtown Buffalo.

Merida had never been there before (so many new smells!) and combined with all the people, she was in her glory! She can never understand why she can’t meet every person we walk by and share all her love. She’s such a loving and friendly girl and everyone she meets just falls in love with her. It was funny when a lady asked how old she was and after we said she was 6 months, her eyes got huge and we just laughed. Merida is going to be a big girl… (she’s already 50 lbs!)

This is Hoyt Lake and we walked all the way around it tonight and further into Delaware Park. In the summer months they have Shakespeare in the Park; which is always fun to see. We have gone a couple of times over the years. (I can share pictures of previous plays if there is an interest)

You can rent row boats and paddle boats (the paddle boats are flamingos! So cute!) and I keep saying that we should rent them sometime because it would be a lot of fun. Maybe this summer we will actually do it.

We didn’t catch the sunset this visit (we would have had to wait another hour for that) but this is a picture from last summer when we were there. It was only taken with my phone and not my big camera but the colors were spectacular!

Tomorrow we are going to catching up on yard work since it’s been cold and rainy for the last couple of weeks. So glad that we were able to enjoy the outdoors without needing to work.

And I will leave you with this pretty picture of a flowering bush that I saw on our walk around the lake.

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful. We are also German Shep. owners (grin). Ours is a cream color; his mama was a White shep. and his dad was the typical saddle back. ANYWAYS–where was I going (grin). I did not know Buffalo was so pretty. We have only passed through on the way to Niagara Falls.

    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday. smiles

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The Corner Blog
@ Magic & Main Studios


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