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If you follow me on Facebook I am sure you know all about my furry kids and all the crazy, mischievous things they do. They’re one of the most popular topics I post about. We love them all so very much, even if I swear I have to vacuum the house 3 times a week. So lets just jump right in and let you meet them all.

First up… Jack. My sweet boy. My baby; before I had a baby. This cat has been by my side since 2004 and has comforted me through everything. Through loss, grief, and happiness he’s been there with snuggles, head bumps, and bedtime forehead kisses. He’s my “dairy cat” – he loves cheese, milk, yogurt and also loves any kind of people food. He’s part pig, I do believe.


Moo is the sweetest snuggler and has spent most of my working at home days being my “cow-worker”. (Get it? She’s black and white, her name is Moo, she comes to work with me? Haha! You can thank Shawn for her nickname. lol) She is the most tolerant of cats when it comes to me but she carries on if Jack is messing with her. I can do anything to her and she doesn’t even complain and lets me do it.


Ahhh Penny… the cat we never get to see or touch. She used to be snuggly and sweet and then something in her changed. We adopted her at 8 weeks old from a shelter and when we brought her home, she loved to be held and petted. A couple weeks later, after we made sure all the others in the house were ok with her, we let her have free roam on the house. After that we barely saw her. She could come around occasionally but as the years have passed, we barely see her at all. She comes out to get fed but I cannot touch her. If we do see her and we take a step close to her, she runs away. We love her but only from a distance.


Merida is our newest family member. She’s a 6 month old German Shepherd and I call her my Wild Child. This was taken on her 1st day of puppy school. She’s super sweet and always has kisses to give us. Loves going for walks and hikes and has zero fear of anything. She absolutely loves the snow and is finally learning what it’s like to enjoy warm weather (she was born in fall, so warmth is new to her. lol) We brought her home at 8 weeks old the day after Christmas.

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention two very special members of our family. In August 2020 and January 2021, we lost two of our precious furry kids. We knew that the time would come but we never expected it to happen so close to each other and that the younger of the two would go first. We miss them both so much but we have 15 years worth of memories to look back on.


The best dog we have ever owned… Jillian was our wedding gift to each other. We brought her home right after our honeymoon in 2006. She had to most gentlest of souls and yet wasn’t afraid to defend her family. So many memories of camping trips, hiking, long walks, throwing the ball at the park, etc. You name it, we did it with her by our side. She loved her “baby brother” when we brought him home from the hospital and he remained her boy up until the end. We will never forget her.


Abby was a dog of very little brains but had a heart the size of Texas. She would make us laugh and shake our heads at the things she did. I mean who wouldn’t when she tried running directly through a solid fence because she couldn’t figure out how to go around it? Or the time when she was chasing the ball at the park and instead of running around the soccer nets, she ran straight through and got tangled up in them. Or… the list goes on and on. But if you were upset, nervous, or scared about something, she was right by your side. She was a dear member of our family for those 10 years and the house just isn’t the same without her.

Our house wouldn’t be complete without our furry zoo. They bring us so much joy and love and laughter and while it can be frustrating with all the shedding, barking, meowing, and craziness they can bring, our house wouldn’t be the home it is without them all.

XOXO, Jules

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  1. Susan says:

    Hi Jules, our furbabies give us so much love. Our Minnie is so spoiled. She is our 3rd doxie, We had a shepherd about 40 years ago. I added you to my blog list.

  2. Wynne says:

    I love my fur baby so much, too. Last year we lost our boy cats in June and July. They were brothers. I rescued them when they were wee babies. They lived until the old age of 20. We miss them dearly, but I feel so blessed to have been able to care for and love them for so long.

    They are family. Your pets are all so precious, Jules!

  3. Kathy says:

    Hi Jules! I love all your fur babies! They are part of our families! After the loss of our last cat, I couldn’t handle another loss, so we haven’t replaced her as of yet.

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